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As a therapist, and business owner, I am truly passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. My passion stems from seeing firsthand the amazing benefit of therapy. Many individuals find that after seeking advice from family, and friends they are still lost and lack direction. The reality is when anyone is in the middle of a storm, seeing the road ahead is impossible. Obtaining guidance from a counselor can bring clarity and peace of mind.

One of my specialty areas and research interest is building self-esteem and confidence in my clients. Having a healthy self-worth is a core component of living a happy life. Regardless of the circumstance, poor self-esteem has a devastating effect on the decisions that we make in our relationships, friendships, jobs and individual lives.

It is time to embrace your value and reach your true potential!


Dr. Kirleen R. Neely
Chief Executive Officer

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Dr.  Neely is Excited to Announce the Release of Her First Children’s Book Titled


St-new-coverBook Description: Straight Talk is geared towards  children in the 8-13 year age group. The book is intended to spur mothers and daughters to have straightforward conversations on the tough topic of self-acceptance. Mothers routinely tell their girls they should love themselves, but often don’t have the words to explain the history behind the message.  The book is based on Dr. Neely’s research on dominate beauty standards and hair loss for young women of color.

Story Description: Sisters Morgan and Maddie give their mother nothing but trouble when it comes to combing their hair. They try many tricks to get out of the process and, more important, are convinced that getting a hair relaxer will be the answer to all their troubles. Their mother does not know that some family friends have made the girls feel that they have BAD, ugly hair. The story unfolds as their mother makes this discovery and has a straight forward conversation with the girls about the history of hair shaming, self acceptance, and the importance of embracing your unique qualities.




 Tip of the Month for April 2015

Reducing Stress

If you have ever felt or are currently feeling overwhelmed by stress, you are not alone. With the struggles and hardships that life brings, everyone, at some point, finds themselves flooded with feelings of stress and anxiety, and unfortunately, most people have no idea how to handle them.

Psychologist Dr. Jamie Long has written about 5 key steps to take for when you encounter stress or anxiety that can help you quickly reduce those feelings and also feel healthier overall.

1. “Remember: This Too Shall Pass.”

Stress usually arises when we feel like we need to do more than we believe we can handle or are capable of. The demands of life require that we, at times, go beyond our comfort and safe zones and that makes us feel uncomfortable and negative. The good news is, those negative and uncomfortable feelings are not going to last forever. Those feelings are temporary but sometimes if we try to avoid or suppress how we feel it can make it worse and last longer. Accept how you feel in the moment and realize that “this too shall pass”.

2. “Learn How to Self-Soothe.”

Whether it be from the stress of a near death experience or realizing 20 minutes before your research paper is due that you forgot your paper at home, our body’s fight or flight system gets triggered. The fight or flight system is our sympathetic nervous system going into overdrive causing adrenaline to be released, our hearts to beat fast and an increase in breathing. This reaction is intended to help us survive near death experiences, but for the usual stressful but non-life threatening situations, this reaction causes more harm than good, which is why it is important to know self soothing techniques such as: Taking slow deep breaths in and out, saying positive things to ourselves, and trying to relax our muscles.

3. “Check Your Diet.”

A healthy diet not only affects us physically but emotionally as well. Alcohol and caffeine have been shown to increase feelings of anxiety, so limiting your consumption would be wise during times when you are experiencing high stress. Generally, eating and drinking foods that are high in fats, chemicals, and toxins, in the long run, decreases the body’s overall well being and therefore creates stress.

4.“Get Moving.”

Research has continued to show us that exercising regularly is a great way lower stress, along with increasing your overall self esteem, mood and energy. Exercising produces endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that make us feel good and reduce pain. If you find yourself feeling very stressed and haven’t experienced that natural high that comes with a good workout, it may be wise to go out to your local gym or park and get yourself moving and sweating.

5.“Get More Sleep.”

Sleeping well is possibly one of the most important things you can do, not only for stress but for your overall health. Our bodies need a certain amount of time each day to recharge and restore, but if we skimp out on the amount of sleep we get, our health gets robbed and we start to feel stressed, angry, sad and exhausted. Mental health professionals now believe that many mental and emotional disorders can be linked to a lack of sleep which is why it is imperative to try to get a full 8 hours of sleep every night if you want to reduce your chances of feeling stress.

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By: Gabriela Duarte /Bachelor level, Intern