We are very excited to announce that RCS is moving to a new location effective September 22, 2014. New location same great service!

New Address: 12030 Bandera Road #108 suite D

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Are You Ready to Experience True Change? 

Deciding to seek counseling can be an emotional experience. For many people it has taken them years to come to the decision to seek outside help. Even more difficulty is the search to find the right counselor. Finding someone that can relate to your situation and has the skill to guide you through is very important. The most wonderful experience is when the counselor and client truly have a great fit. It is at that point that counseling can really make a difference. Counseling can assist with rejuvenating a broken relationship, fighting off depression, or coping with anxiety. At RCS our mission is to help you finally achieve the change you desire.

The cost of counseling is often a deterrent to seeking help. At RCS, we specialize in providing low cost counseling for many issues. Whether you choose to pay our affordable cash price or utilize your health insurance plan, we have a solution that will fit your budget. Visit our Low cost counseling tab and Services tab to find out more information about our prices and service. We thank you for considering our services and hope that we can make a difference in your life.

Message from Chief Executive Officer

As a therapist, and business owner, I am truly passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. My passion stems from seeing firsthand the amazing benefit of therapy. Many individuals find that after seeking advice from family, and friends they are still lost and lack direction. The reality is when anyone is in the middle of a storm, seeing the road ahead is impossible. Obtaining guidance from a counselor can bring clarity and peace of mind.

One of my specialty areas and research interest is building self-esteem and confidence in my clients. Having a healthy self-worth is a core component of living a happy life. Regardless of the circumstance, poor self-esteem has a devastating effect on the decisions that we make in our relationships, friendships, jobs and individual lives.

It is time to embrace your value and reach your true potential!


Dr. Kirleen R. Neely
Chief Executive Officer



tip-icon Tip of the Month for August 2014

Are You A Stressed Out College Student?

In today’s fast pace society experiencing some level of stress is hard to avoid.  We are constantly being pushed to multi task and stay connected through social media and electronics devices. College students feel this stress even more because of the inherit pressure to succeed that comes with being in college. What brings stress to a college student’s life? Well, any of the common thoughts such as, “When is my next exam?” to “What will I do after I graduate?” can bring added pressure. These factors and many more can intensify stress levels and lead to depression and anxiety. According to a recent survey 10% of college students suffer from depression. In severe cases students even begin to feel suicidal. Unfortunately, suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students.

In order to avoid the anxieties and possible depressive feelings that college students feel many things may be done. These following tips can help keep stress under control but remember that if your stress level persist for several weeks or you feel suicidal seek professional help immediately.

  1. Learn to recognize signs of anxiety or stress. Pay attention to when you are irritable or losing sleep and take control.
  2. Manage your negative thoughts. Tell your mind to “STOP!” as soon as it produces negative thoughts.
  3. Cope with the physical side of your anxiety. Take slow, deep breaths. Try doing exercises 4-5 times per week.
  4. Take your time and pace yourself. Don’t procrastinate, work on homework and projects ahead of time.
  5. Be AWARE of yourself. Do a “self-check” every so often and recognize when you are anxious.

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