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Ready to have better Relationships, let go of Insecurities and live a Happier life?  There are specific mindset, behaviors, and thoughts that BLOCK you from being successful.  Knowing the right formula to tackle your behaviors as well as how to deal with the people around you is the key.

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Brilliant women RELEASE blocks to success that sabotage their relationships, self-confidence, career, and life. We provide marriage counseling, family counseling, adolescent counseling, coaching, and online courses. Our focus is to help you build self-esteem and let go of  insecurities

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Hi, I’m Dr. Kirleen, CEO of Richardson Counseling Services. Over the last  15 years, I’ve been privileged to see many women go from feeling unworthy and stuck to reclaiming their power and value.  The secret sauce to their success is having a formula and tools to shift mindsets and make changes stick.

I use a tool I developed over the last 15 years called the BackStory Breakthrough Method™ .  This is a formula that will teach you how successful women think and what they do to take their lives to the next level. The truth is successful women think differently. The method helps you identify and heal backstories that keep you stuck. BackStories are all the difficult events and situations that have happened in your past.  Although you have probably moved past old events, the emotions from those events stick with you. When placed in challenging  situations those old emotions trigger you to behave in ways that sabotage your relationships, career, and confidence.

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Online Course-Boot Camp!

Release Insecurities, Improve Relationships and Live a Happier life. TEN day boot camp for women who want a better life!

Successful women play by different rules. Learn the formula that successful women use to have better relationships, more confidence and phenomenal success.


  • 10 day Virtual Boot Camp, learn anywhere anytime
  • Learn the 10 step BackStory Breakthrough formula that successful women use to have better relationship, more self-confidence and phenomenal success.
  • 10 Videos lesson
  • 10 Worksheets
  • Extensive Reading Tutorial
  • Personalized Success Journal
  • Break the cycle of struggle within your family 
  • Coaches, learn this method and use it to teach your clients how to shift their mindset. 

If you want happier relationships, more confidence, and the ability to tap into your limitless potential this course is for you! There are specific behaviors that block you from having the relationships and confidence you want and deserve. These behaviors are automatic, powerful, and so subconscious that you probably don’t even realize they are at play. Join me for a 10-day online course where you will learn how to release the mindset blocks that have caused you to over think situations, second guess yourself, and settle for relationships that don’t work.You will get videos, audios, worksheets, support forums, and reading material. We will teach you how to use the BackStory Method to take you to the next level.

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Four Mindset Shifts that Will Change Your Relationship & Confidence Forever

women-laughing-coffee-small1Over the last 15 years, I’ve counseled some of the most amazing, talented women. In most cases, they come to see me because they are at cross roads with their relationship, or not feeling as confident as they use to feel.

The interesting thing is regardless of their age, race, job title, or marital status they all consistently have mindsets that BLOCK them from having the success they desire.

This is such a huge loss because so many brilliant women are spending years in relationships, on jobs, and in situations that deplete their power. I’ve noticed that when women are able to overcome setbacks, improve relationships and own their value they’ve done it by making changes in their mindset.

Take a close look at these four mindset shifts that can drastically change your relationship and self-confidence.

 # 1 Use Your BackStory Don’t Let It Use You

Your BackStory has the power to either propel you to success or keep you stuck for a lifetime. Backstories are all the stressful events and situations that have happened in your past. They eventually turn into the little voice inside your head. The voice that either makes you feel like you can take over the world or the voice that loudly screams you’re not good enough. You have a choice of either allowing your BackStory to use you or for you to use it. Allowing it to use you looks like fear, anxiety, negativity, anger, sadness, medicating pain, bad relationship’s, and playing small. Using your BackStory looks like crushing the inner critic, living boldly, valuing yourself and most of all knowing that you are good enough now.


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Successful women play by different rules. They understand that there are behaviors that prevent them from having success in their relationships and life. We are having a 10 day online course to teach you tools to release these success blocks. Sign up and get your a free video lesson.


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