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Ready for a relationship where you talk instead of argue and feel loved, appreciated, and valued, your in the right place. If you want to walk into any room and feel confident about who you are, how you look, and demand the respect you deserve, your in the right place.


Can help you RELEASE blocks to success that affect your relationships, and self-confidence. Statics show, all success starts with unbreakable confidence. 

The Results…..

Our clients have amazing healthy realtionships, have the confidence needed to start business, excell in their career, over come set backs, and fulfill  their true potential. We have perfected our appraoch over the last 15 years.  Listening to our clients and educating ourselves has been the key. Our signature method is called the BackStory Breakthrough Method, developed by Dr. Richardson( ceo). If you want high quality, personalized, service you’re in the right place, just check out our testimoinals. 

Are You Wondering How to Get Started? It’s simple, just 3 step process.


Take one or all of our self assessment quizes,  a good starting point with any issue is to get a good undestanding of how mild or severe

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Evaluate what approach works best for you. We offer 3 options, face to face counseling, online workshops, and educational resources.

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Email us at drkirleen@richardsoncounseling.com or give us a call at 210-523-4200. For online course click this ONLINE button to get more information.

Join Our 10 Day Release Success Blocks Virtual Boot Camp!

Learn How To Change the Behaviors that have sabotaged your Relationships and Affected your Self-Confidence. Watch this video to learn more and get your first sucess blocks !


If you want  happier relationships, more confidence, and the ability to tap into your limitless potential this camp is for you! There are specific behaviors that block you from having the relationships and confidence you want and deserve. These behaviors are automatic, powerful, and so subconscious that you probably don’t even realize they are at play. Join me for a 10  day online bootcamp where you will learn how to release the success blocks that have caused you to over think situations, second guess yourself and settle for relationships that don’t work. Each day you will receive a video lesson that will give you step by step directions on how to move past the blocks that have affected your relationships and self-confidence.


Take the Success Blocks Quiz!

Are you curious to see if the problems you have with relationships, self-confidence and feeling like you have not reached your full potential are related to success blocks? Take this simple 10 question quiz and find out. Click take now quiz below.



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 What People Are Saying About Our Company

"The staff at RCS are devoted to helping their clients succeed and reach their full potential. Dr. Neely is very insightful to the field of counseling and mental health, with lots of knowledge to share with both clients and staff. When I came to RCS I was completing my final semester of my Bachelors program, and as one can imagine such a transitional period was filled with anxiousness and doubts. With…
TRANSFORMING.  That word closely expresses my interactions with Dr. Kirleen Richardson-Neely.  She is patient, gentle, calm, confident, insightful, and gifted.  I came to her broken seeking restoration.  She offered the tools for me to self-redirect my hurts and to fix my brokenness.  She gave me assignments geared at pushing me to dig deeper.  Although I was intimidated, I completed those assignments…
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"Working at RCS was without a doubt the best decision I made to get the experience, guidance and support needed throughout the licensing process.  Dr. Neely and the rest of the staff are so welcoming, insightful, and supportive that it enables you to grow into the therapist you want to be and find what makes you unique and desirable as a therapist.  I gained so much knowledge through Dr. Neely and…
"I had the honor and privilege of having Dr. Neely as my supervisor during my Counseling Internship.  She was very instrumental in helping me to become the counselor I am today.  I actually brag to others about her being a "Rock Star".  That's just my way of saying how proud I am to have her as a mentor and colleague.  I highly recommend Richardson's Counseling Services for your counseling needs.…
My experience with Dr. Neely as my LPC-S was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I've made in my counseling career. First,  you hardly ever find someone who will let you practice under them and not charge you for the hours, but Dr. Neely has a contract  system that holds the Supervisor and the Intern both accountable for the exchange of services. Second, Dr. Neely allows the Interns to have flexibility…



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Release Your Blocks To Success. Get This Free Video!


There are subconscious success blocks that prevent you from having the relationship and confidence you deserve. You may not even be aware that these behaviors are sabatoging saba you from being successful. Find out if these blocks are at play in your relationships. SIGN UP NOW!!!

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