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For over fifteen years I have had the privilege of helping thousands of women and couples change negative patterns in their life and restore peace. I use the word privilege because I view my relationships with my clients as a scared collaborative space that I am truly privileged to be allowed into. My role is often one of  catalyst, helping to disrupt, untangle and destroy negative life patterns. I became fascinated with addressing issues of self-value, confidence, and self-esteem in therapy after seeing a consistent pattern. Regardless, of whether I was working with a couple on infidelity, a man on anxiety or a teen on depression the underlying theme usually came back to “what you believe about your value translates into how you feel, behave, and think.”  After I got married and was blessed with two lovely daughters the personal challenge of sustaining a healty marriage and rasing emotionally healthy children pushed me to develop a  simple straightforward tool to incooprerate with my family and clients.  I developed a unique approach called “The BackStory” to assist women, teens and couples with developing the tools they need to have the relationships they desire. The premise is simple but the impact is powerful. Clearly understand how your “backstory” shows up in how you love, parent, work and do relationships then implement empirically proven strategies to destroy or ignite your backstories impact. My therapeutic approach is energetic, interactive and authentic. I believe that with the right collobartive envirometn my clients lives will be transofromed. The work is often difficult, painful and tiring but the reward is priceless. Please call me today, I would love to help you tackle your BackStory.

Best Regards,

Dr.  Kirleen Richardson Neely

Listen to Dr. Neely talk more about The Back Story on The Plaid for Women Radio podcast


Individual Counseling

This a face to face session, one on one with Dr. Neely and is 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. Dr. Neely often works with individuals on improving confidence, building self-esteem, decreasing anxiety and eliminating depression.

Cost: Initial assessment $110                  Follow Sessions – $100

Couples Therapy:

Dr. Neely’s traditional couple sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. She utilizes the brief 5 session therapy model outlined below. These sessions can assist couples with assessing core areas of disconnect, processing the emotional impact, restoring healthy communication, and improving intimacy. Dr. Neely is skilled in helping couples recovering from infidelity.

Cost: Initial assessment – $120            Follow up Session $110

Couples Power Session:

The power session is designed for couples who desire an immediate boost to restore peace and positive growth in their relationship. These session are great for couples who may not live in close proximity to each other and do not have the time to do follow up sessions. They also are specifically designed for couples who are dealing with the devastating impact of infidelity or who are seriously considering divorce/separation.  Dr. Neely’s power couple sessions are 1 hour and half to 2 hours in length. Below you will find an outline of what steps are taken in the power session.

Cost Couples Power Session: $240

Telephone/ Internet Coaching:

Telephone coaching sessions  are held for individuals who do not live in the San Antonio area but want to have access to Dr. Neely’s expertise. The session last for 30 minutes and are conducted via telephone and internet.

 Cost for Telephone Consultations: $80

 The Counseling Process:

Dr. Neely utilizes a five session model for most counseling experiences. The goal is to give individuals the tools and skills they need to return to normal life.

Session 1: Assessment/The counselor will obtain information about why you are seeking counseling. The sessions is 1 hr in length.

Session 2: Assessment Findings/The counselor will share their thoughts and recommendations with you. During this session, you and the counselor will develop a specific plan of how to effectively address your concerns. The session is 45 min to 1 hr in length.

Session 3: Begin Intervention Techniques/ In this session you and the counselor will begin the change process. New coping skills and interventions will be introduced. You will have homework to do outside of counseling. The session is 45 min to 1 hr in length.

Session 4: Continue working on interventions and coping strategies. The session is 45 min to 1 hr in length.

Session 5: Evaluation/The counselor and you will evaluate progress and determine if the desired treatment results have been reached. If the goals have not been met, additional sessions may be recommenced or an alternative treatment method may be recommend.  If treatment goals have been met you may be successful discharged from services. The session is 45 min to 1 hr in length.


Cost Summary to see Dr. Neely Assessment Ongoing
Tradition Couples or Family session (45 minutes-1hr) $120.00 $110.00
Couples Power Session (2hr session) $240.00 $240.00
Individual Session (45minutes-1hr) $110.00 $100.00
Telephone/Internet Coaching (30minutes) $80.00 $80.00
A 15% discount is available if 3 or more sessions are purchased at the same . Dr. Neely does not accept health insurance but clients can use their companies flex spending cards or bill their insurance company directly.


  • PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, St. Mary’s University San Antonio, Texas
  • Masters of Arts, Counseling and Guidance, Prairie View A & M University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sam Houston State University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • 15 plus years of experience working with couples, individuals and adolescents.


August 29th  2015- Women’s Self Esteem seminar, Richardson Counseling Services

October 2015- 45th annual National Black  Child Development  Conference Virginia for children’s conference. View conference website


The Joy Sutton Talk Show, Roanoke Virginia-Dr. Neely discussed improving self-esteem for women. (July 2015)

Plaid for Women Radio, Dr. Neely discuss hair shaming and her children’s book. (June 2015)

Self Esteem for Women in the Military, Army Base (May 2015)

Naturalista take over Galveston Island-Dr. Neely spoke on the history of hair shaming and self-esteem (May 2015)

Dr. Neely’s book Straight Talk wins and Indie Excellence award for children’s book (May 2015)

Having Positive Self Esteem: What’s Your Back Story?, Plaid for Women (April 28th, 2015)

Having Positive Self Esteem: What’s it all About?, Plaid for Women (April 1th, 2015)

Building Healthy Communication for Couples, Richardson Counseling Services (February, 2015)

Natural Hair in American 3 part series, San Antonio Public Library ( February, 2015)

The Maggie Linton Show, Sirius XM National radio ( January, 2015)

Practical Treatment Strategies for Improving Self-Esteem, Methodist Hospital System (San Antonio, Texas 2014)

Dynamic Women’s Workshop on Self-Esteem, Richardson Counseling Services (San Antonio, Texas 2014)

Surviving the Emotional Impact of Hair Loss, Trichology conference (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Trichology conference, 2014)

The Psychological Impact of Hair Loss, Trichology conference (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , 2014)

Understanding Trichotillomania, Trichology conference (San Antonio, Texas, 2014)

Full Circle Inspiration Talk Show, reappearing guest speaker ( San Antonio, Texas 2012-2013)


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Dr. Neely had the pleasure of being a  guest on The Joy Sutton talk show out in Roanoke, Virgina in  July 2015. Dr. Neely discussed how to improve confidence and self-esteem by understanding your “Back Story”.

You can learn more about The Joy Sutton show at









Sara Zink

CEO, Plaid for Women Radio


Plaid for Women is a website dedicated to “helping women achieve goals, get connected and be heard.” Dr. Neely has partnered up with Plaid for Women to do a series of podcasts that focus on finding personal self esteem. Check out the first episode in the series at the link below!




Dr. Neely  was a featured guest on the Sirius XM national radio show “The Maggie  Linton Show”. From 2006 – 2013 Maggie was Program Director of Sirius XM Book Radio.  At present she is Host and Executive Producer of The Maggie Linton Show, a two hour weekday talk show on Sirius XM Urban View Channel 126. Guests include New York Times bestselling authors, plus stars of sports, entertainment and politics. Click link below to listen to the show. Listen to Interview Now!





In celebration of Black History month 2015,  Dr. Neely collaborated with the San Antonio Public Library System and Natural Hair Texas to host a three part discussion on natural hair in America. Dr. Neely spoke about the historical and political aspects of African American hair and signed books.

book-signing book-signing-table-sa book-signing-talking-with-people





Dr. Neely was a featured speaker at the Philadelphia  hair loss conference, hosted by the renowned Nights Beauty Supply Chain.

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Dr. Neely Appears as reoccurring guest on Full Circle Inspirational Talk show speaking about issues related to mental health. View episodes below.