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Have you ever wondered if you are doing a good job to make your relationships work? Many times our partners make us feel like we are messing things up or not meeting their needs. In some instance, they may have a point but in many cases, they are so blinded by anger that they don’t want to see the good in the relationship. I designed a 20-second quiz to help you figure out if you are a good partner. The quiz assess how you are doing with  communication and trust. Click the link below to take the quiz.

Take the Are You A Good Partner Assessment!  It only takes 30 seconds, click next and answer 10 easy questions. You will get your results immediately after taking the quiz.

1) Do you frequently go days or weeks without telling your partner you love or appreciate them?
2) Have you ever gotten so upset with you partner that you hit them or threw something at them?
3) Have you accused your partner of cheating on you, but later found out you were wrong?
4) Do you usually make time to listen to how you partner feels?
5) Are you holding onto resentment or anger because of something you partner did in the past?

6) Do you often find yourself tuning out your partner because they keep complaining about the same thing over and over again?

7) Do you occasionally look through your partner’s phone or other belongings with his or her permission?
8) Do you ever withhold sex or intimacy as a way to punish your partner for something they did?

9) Does your partner make you so mad at times you call him/her names or say things you know will hurt?
10) Have you stopped showing your partner appreciation because you feel they don’t show you any?

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