Success Blocks Assessment

Weve MovedTake This Simple Quiz and Find Out If Success Blocks Are Getting in the Way of Your Happiness?

Take the 20 second Are Success Blocks Sabotaging You Quiz, and find out what's blocking your success. Just click next and answer 10 questions.

1) Do you usually try to meet or exceed the expectations of bosses, family, or friends, but feel like they truly don’t appreciate your efforts?
2) When you’re frustrated or feel like you wasting your time with a situation or relationships do you have the tendency to give up or walk away altogether?
3) Have you ever been told that you are too sensitive, over react to situations or get mad too easily?
4) If a loved one upsets you, do you often shut down and stop talking to them for a while?
5) Do you often find yourself in friendships or relationships where you are the giver or doer but when it’s time for someone to show up for you, they put you on the back burner.
6) Have you often made excuses for people who hurt you or given them way too many chances?
7) Have you repeatedly found yourself in relationships where you are cheated on, lied to, or treated badly?
8) Do you have a problem with over thinking situations or find yourself frequently replaying things in your head over and over again?
9) Do you have thoughts that you are NOT skinny enough, pretty enough, smart enough or good enough?
10) Do you often feel anxious, worried or have anxiety attacks?

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